Divorce and your mortgage: Here’s what you need to know!

One of the biggest decision divorcing couples face is who gets the house in a divorce. If you’re in this situation, though options might depend on how the home is financed and titled, among other factors. Another question people might ask during a divorce is , “What are my rights if my name is not on the mortgage?” Here’s everything you need to know about how divorce impacts your mortgage.

  1. REFINANCE YOUR MORTGAGE: Some divorcing couples with a joint mortgage can decide to refinance to a new mortgage in only one of the spouse’s names. This releases a spouse from responsibility for that mortgage when their names is removed from the loan.
  2. Contact us for immediate assistance, and various options available.
  3. We will contact your mortgage lender on your behalf and inform them of your intentions to get dicorce.
  4. Your divorce mortgage options will include refinancing your mortgage, selling your home or paying your ex-partner for their share of equity.
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